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Gynaecological disease conditions (benign and malignant)

are hunch include but not limited to the listed below
– Uterine Fibroids
– Endometrosis
– Pelvic Infections
– Ovarian disorders such as ovarian cyst, ovarian tumor, and Polycystic ovaries

Preconception (pre- pregnancy) care and counseling:

Starting pregnancy in stable and optimal state of maternal health is paramount to overall outcome of pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy counseling is a specialized care we offer to women of reproductive age aspiring pregnancy.

Prenatal care and Delivery

We offer antenatal services and delivery.

Family Planning services

All contraception options are available. This also include hormonal and non hormonal methods, we also offer surgical and minimally invasive contraception services

Fertility Services

We have the facility to make appropriate diagnosis of causes of inability to conceive and offer therapeutic intervention when required to improve our client chance of pregnancy


This is a procedure done with the use of a camera without a big incision (cut) on the abdomen to make appropriate diagnosis and offer treatment. It is also known as key hole surgery because the scar is as small as key hole.

It has a lot of advantages over open surgery in carefully selected clients.


This is a procedure done to look into the womb. This offers a direct visual inspection of any abnormality inside the womb

Cancer Screening and Vaccination

Prevention of cancer through routine screening help avert future challenges with cancer. We offer screening for gynaecological cancer (Cervix, Endometrium and Ovarian cancers)
We also offer vaccinations for cancer prevention

Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening and Treatment

Early diagnosis and prompt institution of treatment for sexually transmitted infections help prevent the consequence of the infection. This is a leading cause of infertility.

We offer screening, diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections

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