About Us

Regal Specialist Women’s Hospital is the actualization of a dream to promote exemplary comprehensive health care service, attainable in Lagos and its environs for women.

Regal is a specialized Gynaecology and Obstetrics healthcare facility treating patients with the perfect balance of quality, compassion, respect and dignity; helping them feel as whole and healthy as possible with the application of modern technology.

As an organisation, we take pride in employing the best personnel and we are humbled and thankful to see our patients achieve their success story.
Our patients’ experience is all the better for having a competent clinical team by their side, each step all the way.

Through a comprehensive medical training program, we ensure that all our personnel deliver optimal quality care irrespective of their duty or profession.

We aspire to exceed expectations in delivering consistent and comprehensive patient centered care for women.

To provide outstanding quality care for women at the centre of excellence and beyond through highly skilled and dedicated health personnel using modern medical technology


Why People love us

Here are the reasons why we stand out from others.


We do what is right even when no one is watching.


We value others and embrace diversity.


We are committed to providing exceptional care


Taking personal pride in exceeding expectations


We promote and welcome new ideas.

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